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Ingeborg Aarø

Ingeborg graduated a media production degree in the summer of 2019.

Leaning in to an opportunity to film a charity cycling team riding from Norway to Paris, lead to being a Content Creator for the Oslo based PlusCulture.

In this episode, Ingeborg gives insight into the first year as a media producer after graduation, the role of the professional content creator and the mindset one needs to get started. We talk about her studies abroad and intern experiences in One Big Happy Family.

Listen Here: Episode 7

Examples of Ingeborg’s Work:

Trailer for Mobilitetsforum 2020
Customer Case Study for TechStep (Råde Kommune)
Customer Case Study for TechStep (Vy Buss)
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Visit Norway (Røros) Commercial Storyboard

Visit Norway (Trondheim) Commercial Storyboard

Systemhus Oslo-Paris 2019

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David Allison

David Allison produces live comedy formats with his company This is Your Laugh. His strong background in producing for television, both documentaries and entertainment shows has given him great insights into development hell and the challenges of making shows happen.

His live formats such as This is Your Trial and Comedy Auction have been critical successes on the UK comedy circuit, working with some of the country’s top comedians.

In this episode we talk about how Covid has affected the live comedy scene, his newly commissioned TV format Monster Court for CBBBC. How he started out as a runner on a popular daily live entertainment show and how David has honed his creative skills into the role of Producer.

Listen here: Episode 6

Monster Court Teaser
This Is Your Trial Live Show Taster
Sick Note Live Show Taster
Pop Will Shoot Itself for Play UK
Losing Your Balls Documentary for Channel 4

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Dave Emery

With over twenty years of experience at the top of the entertainment industry, Dave Emery is a prolific Camera Supervisor and Remote Camera Specialist.

Dave‘s credits include the MTV Awards, Glastonbury, Comic Relief, The Jonathan Ross Show, and Mercury Prize, to name but a few.

In this episode, Dave gives us great insight into the world of remote camera and jib operation in multi camera and single camera environments ranging from drama to studio and large scale event productions. In particular we discuss the effect the Co-Vid Pandemic has had on the industry, along with top tips for those starting out in the industry.

Listen Here: Episode 5

London Grammar Live on Later….with Jools Holland
Ellie Goulding Live on Alan Carr: Chatty Man
Burberry Spring Summer 21 Show Experience
Bastille in Abbey Road Studios
Robbie Williams Live T4
John Newman for Vevo Lift
Alicia Keys Live on Jonathan Ross Show
Sam Fender Live on The Jonathan Ross Show
Topshop Fashion Catwalk Coverage
Muse Live 2018
Jack Whitehall’s Alternative World Cup Opening Ceremony 2018
Kasabian Music Video

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Jim Mortram

Jim Mortram is a British social documentary photographer and writer, based in Dereham, Norfolk. His ongoing project using photography and writing, Small Town Inertia, records the lives of a number of disadvantaged and marginalised people living near to his home, in order to tell stories he believes are under-reported.

“Mortram’s rich, black-and-white images possess a timeless quality that invites easy comparison with the classic documentary work of such British photographers as Chris Steele Perkins, Paul Trevor and Chris Killip.” — Dave Stelfox, The Guardian

Jim was nominated as a British Journal of Photography “One to Watch” in 2013 and released his book Small Town Inertia in 2017. You can follow his continued work on his Instagram: @Small Town Inertia and his latest exhibition work Helena: Every Day Is A Morning After here at Photo Oxford 2020. …

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Sara Deane on Set

Sara joined the Children’s Film Unit when she was 15, learning to work with 16mm film. She studied at Bournemouth film school and then worked as a clapper loader for 5 years on films like “United 93”, “My Summer of Love” and “Brick Lane”. She then studied cinematography at the National Film and Television school. Since graduating ten years ago she’s shot 14 features, numerous shorts, commercials and documentaries. Her work has screened in festivals such as Edinburgh, Fantastic Fest, Sitges, Berlin, Locarno, Fantasia and London to name a few. Winning Best Cinematography at the V’an Dor Independent film awards 2012. Her work has been nominated for Best Cinematography at Milan Fashion Film Festival, Underwire and Galway film festival. You can see Sara’s full IMDB and website for more details. …

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Claire Bee

In episode 2 we are joined by Claire Bee, Head of Production at EA Create Capture in Vancouver.

Claire has over 20 years experience in the entertainment industry from starting out selling Kodak film stock, to producing feature film Fakers straight out of University.

Claire explains to us the behind the scenes world of motion capture for award winning games.

We also delve into the importance of creating psychological safe spaces at work, how to adapt in your career and embrace vulnerability to lean into opportunities, which Claire did as an intern at Paramount and Warners by writing to Lynda Obst. This lead to such adventures as picking up Peter Dinklage in a Rent-a-Wreck car. All these stories and more, Claire will explain to our listeners.

Listen here: Episode 2

Behind the Scenes at EA Create Capture:

EA Capture Demo Reel

Claire’s Feature Film Trailer:

Fakers Feature Film Trailer

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Håvard Bjørnerem

For our first episode, we are joined by Håvard Bjørnerem, a social video producer at Norwegian broadcaster NRK.

Håvard has been making videos for the internet since he was a kid, he’s a born digital producer. Having studied a Bachelor in media production and following an internship in London, he landed the exciting job of creating social videos for NRK News. Daring to be bold and putting himself forward for tasks has been very rewarding for Håvard, who will explain all to our listeners.

Listen Here: Episode 1

Throughout the pod we cite examples of Håvard’s work which you can find below:

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Grit is hosted by Jon Harman, a media professional and educator who wants to help media students and professionals see behind the curtain and get insight to help their employability or expand their horizons in the creative fields.

You can’t have pearls without grit as the saying goes, along with the notion that in today’s highly competitive creative industries we all need a Grit mindset, we took inspiration from Angela Lee Duckworth’s 2013 TED Talk and decided this would be the focus of our pod: How to get Grit in your life. …


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