Zoe is a writer for drama and comedy and children’s television. She is currently part of the writing team for Netflix’s Zero Chill. She also writes for Netflix teen-drama Free Rein and is a regular writer for Channel 4’s Hollyoaks, having written over 40 episodes as part of the writing team. Zoë also writes for children’s drama such as CBBC and Netflix’s Worst Witch, CBBC’s The Dumping Ground and Disney’s comedy-drama-musical The Lodge.

Zoe’s acting career has seen her star as a series regular Zoe Carpenter in Hollyoaks, web series Staff Room and numerous other roles and voiceover work.


Zillah Watson

Zillah is an Emmy-nominated creative leader and strategist with a long and varied professional life in the media industry. Most recently as the Director of Content at Satore Studio.

She was Commissioning Editor for Virtual Reality at the BBC and headed up the BBC VR Hub following being the Executive Editor for BBC Research & Development.

She has executive produced a number of critically acclaimed VR experiences for the BBC and led the development of 360 VR for BBC News.

Zillah started her media career in BBC News as a Current Affairs Producer and was Launch Producer for their College…

Lovise Sverdrup

Lovise graduated a bachelor in media production in 2019 with internships at Kitchen in Oslo and Motlys on the NRK series Heimebane.

Throughout her studies and upon graduation she worked as a web designer at Smart Media. She is now working as a UI/UX Designer at TRY Pearl in Oslo.

In this episode we talk about the important and multi-faceted role of a UI/UX Designer, starting out in the industry, growing as a media professional and continuous development.

Listen Here: Episode 17

Examples of Lovise’s Work: Lovise Sverdrup Portfolio

Top 3 UX/UI resources recommended by Lovise:

Nielsen Norman Group and their YouTube Channel,

Laws of UX

Use Muzli as a new tab-plugin for Chrome Browser.

Daniel Stewart

Daniel Stewart was born and raised into the UK theatrical life with a ballet dancer mother and actor father. This would provide a fervent grounding for following footsteps in treading the boards.

Trained at the esteemed California Institute of the Arts he continued to live and work in LA in film and television, then extensively in regional theatre (On and off Broadway) in NYC, along with a thriving career as a go to Brit for voice over work.

He returned to the UK in recent years with shows in The Royal Shakespeare Theatre, The National Theatre and The West End.

Tet Kofi

Tet Kofi is a director of Journolink, a service which helps to seamlessly link journalists with small business owners and experts when they need them, and a working broadcast journalist. He has consulted as a crisis management expert for UK and European multinationals and trains senior execs in media management and presentation. He started in journalism at the BBC World Service.

In this episode we talk to Tet about the relationship between journalism and public relations and how the two are not as different as people think, the importance of media’s role in diversity representation and how often that is not discussed in a meaningful and truthful way.

Listen Here: Episode 16

Examples of Tet’s Work:

Tough New UK Asylum Rules
What is PR for Business

Sumo’s work can be seen all around Luxembourg, but also in numerous cities around the world. Although an important, formative stage in his artistic development, graffiti and street art are merely one aspect of Sumo’s work on images.

Bursting with statements, slogans, motifs, and intense colours, Sumo’s compositions represent an abstract documentation of moments. His overall concept of time and space fills the picture plane in a sprawling, virus-like mode. Thanks to these countless details, each square centimetre could be seen as an autonomous work in itself, their sum creating a dizzying zoom-in, zoom-out effect.

In this episode, we talk…

Simon Dean

Simon Dean is the Creative Director and Founder of Spark & Glory, a short form branded content production studio that specialises in creative seamless 360º Marketing and
Brand campaigns.

Simon has had a long and fruitful career as a Creative Director for WarnerMedia, Walt Disney Company, and Bloomberg TV.

He started his career as a Promo Producer at Rapture TV and editor at Rebel Media.

In this episode, Simon talks about the role of the Creative Director in shepherding creative projects with production and marketing departments, the importance of being 50% creative, 50% organised, and truly understanding audience, platform, and storytelling.

Listen Here: Episode 14

Examples of Simon’s Work:

Spark & Glory Showreel

Adam Richardson

Adam Richardson has been cutting films for the UK’s major broadcasters for over 20 years. He specialises in documentary and current affairs, working on BBC investigative documentary series Panorama and Channel Four’s Dispatches. His films cover a broad range from investigative exposes, drama reconstructions, and undercover stings to archive-driven narratives.

In this episode, we talk about the role of the film editor, the art and craft of editing, and debate the skills and tools of the job, along with Adam’s own journey to the world of post-production.

Listen Here: Episode 13

Examples of Adam’s Work:

Keeler, Profumo, Ward and Me
Panorama: The Race for a Vaccine
Panorama: Coronavirus Destination New York
Syria: The World’s War
Black Power Salute
Frontline: North Korea’s Deadly Dictator

Matt Cuttle

Matt Cuttle is an award-winning multi-skilled senior producer working in the entertainment and video game industry. Live video and events producer, director, presenter/reporter with over 250 hours of gaming broadcast TV credits. He has worked on shows on TV channels including ITV1, Channel 4, Sky One, Jetix, BAFTA for Channel 4, Disney XD, Big Game TV, and Rapture TV. He works as an Executive Producer for ADVNCR formulating and producing online streams, video content, and eSports events as part of various video game publishers’ comms strategies to achieve maximum views and engagement over multiple platforms.

In this episode, we talk…

Dave King

Dave King began his professional career in comic books and publishing, writing and drawing for Marvel UK, and DC Thomson, amongst others. He has worked extensively with Warner Bros. Worldwide Publishing and DC Comics, scripting and drawing Looney Tunes, Tiny Toon Adventures, Animaniacs, Pinky and the Brain and Taz Mania.

He co-art directed the music video for the song, Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me, by the band, U2, which was selected by Rolling Stone magazine as one of the Greatest Animated Music Videos Ever. Dave worked with many of the UK’s leading animation houses, including Cosgrove Hall…

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