Ep 2: Head of Production, EA Create Capture, Claire Bee

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Claire Bee

In episode 2 we are joined by Claire Bee, Head of Production at EA Create Capture in Vancouver.

Claire has over 20 years experience in the entertainment industry from starting out selling Kodak film stock, to producing feature film Fakers straight out of University.

Claire explains to us the behind the scenes world of motion capture for award winning games.

We also delve into the importance of creating psychological safe spaces at work, how to adapt in your career and embrace vulnerability to lean into opportunities, which Claire did as an intern at Paramount and Warners by writing to Lynda Obst. This lead to such adventures as picking up Peter Dinklage in a Rent-a-Wreck car. All these stories and more, Claire will explain to our listeners.

Listen here: Episode 2

Behind the Scenes at EA Create Capture:

Claire’s Feature Film Trailer:

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