Ep 6: Comedy Producer, David Allison

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David Allison

David Allison produces live comedy formats with his company This is Your Laugh. His strong background in producing for television, both documentaries and entertainment shows has given him great insights into development hell and the challenges of making shows happen.

His live formats such as This is Your Trial and Comedy Auction have been critical successes on the UK comedy circuit, working with some of the country’s top comedians.

In this episode we talk about how Covid has affected the live comedy scene, his newly commissioned TV format Monster Court for CBBBC. How he started out as a runner on a popular daily live entertainment show and how David has honed his creative skills into the role of Producer.

Listen here: Episode 6

Monster Court Teaser
This Is Your Trial Live Show Taster
Sick Note Live Show Taster
Pop Will Shoot Itself for Play UK
Losing Your Balls Documentary for Channel 4

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